Connecting the world faster than ever

Ping is a platform where you can connect with others via social media, based on their location. So whether you're at a bar, concert, party, or just simply walking down the street; You can use Ping to connect with whoever’s within a block radius around you and your phone. Just dive right into Ping to access their social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.

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Quickly network with people nearby

Once you sign up for a Ping account, you’ll simply be asked for a profile picture so people can see who they are pinging. Your hometown, occupation (optional), a bio (optional) and whatever you want people to see when they connect with you such as social media accounts, websites links for business purposes, and music platforms for music artists to be a walking stream 🎵for promotion purposes just off of their appearance. You’re pretty much a walking business card.

Easily share your social media

Ping will change yet improve the way people meet not to mention helping people meet that would have never met. Ping provides a quick and easy solution to connect with people in your space at that moment in time. Surrounding pingers can view all your social media profiles with the tap of a button, which either leads to another follower, another business partner, another relationship, or another stream from your music platform. This allows for networking in our technology-driven world to be easier than ever.

Access VIP status for even greater reach

VIP members get access to unlimited social media account postings, unlimited pings, statewide radius, music links for streaming one's music, websites for the business of the user you pinged, the ability to lock your account, etc.